How to crash the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court

First, go here (starts at 1pm EST Friday Nov. 19th):

Andrew’s Sample questions:

  1.  “Why didn’t the Committee look into the role of the Federalist Society in selecting dangerously unqualified ideological hacks as part of a deliberate effort by the right-wing to take over the judiciary branch?” 

Follow-up:  “Is it because multiple members of this committee are members of the Federalist Society?  Why didn’t those members recuse themselves?”

  1. “As you know, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and others have criticized this committee for failing to address the core issue of the Supreme Court’s legitimacy.  Did this Committee consider Sen. Whitehouse’s amicus brief in the New York Pistol & Rifle Association case?”

Follow-up:  “Since Sen. Whitehouse’s brief persuasively shows that the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Roberts almost always reaches conservative policy outcomes in close contested cases, did this Committee consider that evidence in evaluating its proposals?

  1. “This Committee’s principal objection to expanding the Supreme Court seems to be some sort of ‘slippery slope’ argument that it could invite worse reprisals in the future. Why did the Committee prioritize future harmony over present solutions?”
  1. “Did this Committee evaluate extending the federal ethics rules that apply to all District and Circuit court judges to Supreme Court justices in light of the unprecedented number of ethics complaints lodged against then-Judge Kavanaugh that were simply dismissed when he was elevated to the Supreme Court?  If not, why not?  Isn’t it important for Supreme Court justices to have ethical constraints?”
  1. “Did this Committee consider suggesting limits on blatantly partisan political behavior by Supreme Court justices such as their routine speeches to the Federalist Society and other right-wing activist organizations?

Follow up:  “What about their spouses, especially in the case of highly active Supreme Court spouses like Ginny Thomas?”

  1. “Did this Committee consider whether Supreme Court justices should be fast-tracked for impeachment when they demonstrably lie during their confirmation hearings?  If not, why not?”

Good luck!