T3BE Week 8! Elaborate Crimes and Psychedelics

Can you believe it, it’s T3BE8! You know the drill, we answer last week’s questions, honor two winners, and then ask two more questions!

But Matt has a new bar exam book, and it’s going to be quite fun, if these questions are any indicator. Deviously hard, needlessly complex, extremely silly… it has it all!

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Boeing Killed 346 People. So Why Did They Get a Sweetheart Deal?

Most criminal defendants can’t kill 346 people and expect to get off with a light fine and three years of probation, but most criminal defendants are not The Boeing Company. In today’s show, we examine the differences between different kinds of pretrial diversion agreements and why the best ones are reserved for ultra-wealthy defendants like Boeing and Jeffrey Epstein.

We then take a closer look at the DOJ’s routine use of deferred prosecution agreements to help our nation’s most valued citizens (corporations) avoid the unpleasant inconvenience of facing actual consequences of their actions (killing people), with a special focus on the NPA which recently resolved Boeing’s recent deadly fraud involving its 737 MAX.

1. Boeing Deferred Prosecution Agreement (1/7/2021)
2. “Nosedive: Boeing and the Corruption of the Deferred Prosecution Agreement,” Prof. John C. Coffee (6/6/2022)
3. “Why Boeing pilot Forkner was acquitted in the 737 MAX prosecution,”| The Seattle Times (3/25/22)
4. “Blowing the Door Off Boeing’s ‘Epstein Deal’” – The American Prospect (2/9/24)
5. Fifth Circuit order dated 12/15/23 from In re Ryan et al confirming that courts have no authority to review a DPA and that families will have to wait to oppose any future motion to dismiss

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The Mifepristone Case Is an Insult to the Concept of Standing

Episode 1018 – GOOD NEWS EPISODE!

It’s positive vibes only as we celebrate the impending disbarment of MAGA law toadies John Eastman and Jeffrey Clark, the first but-actually-for-real-this-time Trump trial date, and some extremely real threats to your favorite President’s sacred First Amendment rights to lie to the public and terrorize the families of court personnel.

In more good news, the Supreme Court couldn’t seem to find an actual excuse to ban medical abortions this week–or even find anyone who could even claim to have been in the same ZIP code as someone harmed by mifepristone–so we take a good look for ourselves and don’t find too much to worry about. 

One more bit of good news: Matt wants to give you a job! (Inquire within.) 

1. John Eastman’s two-page proposal to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential election

2. Judge Yvette Roland’s full 126-page decision to the CA Supreme Court recommending John Eastman’s disbarment (March 27, 2024)

3. Judge Merchan’s gag order (3/26/24)

4. Trump’s motion to dismiss GA charges on 1st Amendment grounds (12/23/2024)

5. Transcript of oral arguments in FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine (March 26, 2024) 

6. Federal judge Matthew Kacsmaryk’s  mifepristone ruling (April 7, 2023)

7. Application of Comstock Act to Drugs That Can Be Used for Abortion (USPS General Counsel)(12/23/2022)

8) 18 U.S. Code § 1461 – Mailing obscene or crime-inciting matter (Comstock Act)


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T3BE Week 7! Best Evidence and Contract Law

It’s week 7, and it’s a Next Generation of test. Make it so! Oh also, we’re still dogged by controversy, #T3BEgate2.5 but we’ve got a fall guy and it’s Matt. Question 12 was a repeat and Matt is to blame and accepts the inevitable public shaming. But 13 was new! And, now we’ve got an entirely new kind of test!

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Contractor Who Leaked Trump’s Tax Return Gets 5 Years In Prison

Episode 1017

He had a plea agreement with the government which he thought would get him 8-14 months. He ended up with 5 years. What happened? Also, was this Democrats’ version of January 6th Casey joins this week to help to answer an OA patron’s question about the plea agreement reached in the prosecution of former IRS contractor Charles Littlejohn for leaking records of Donald Trump, Rick Scott, Elon Musk, and a tragically high number of other innocent and blameless billionaires who are simply far too important to have to pay their taxes.

We then review the unique role of plea bargaining in U.S. law and exactly how these agreements are reached and play out in court. Did you know that approximately 98% of all federal criminal charges are resolved in a way which is portrayed in approximately 0% of law-related movies and TV show? 

1. “The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax,” Propublica (6/8/2021)

2. “How These Ultrawealthy Politicians Avoided Paying Taxes,”  Propublica (11/4/2021)

3. “Trump’s Taxes Show Chronic Losses and Years of Income Tax Avoidance,” NYT (9/27/2020)

4. “Most criminal cases end in plea bargains, new study finds,” NPR (2/22/2023)

5. Boykin v. Alabama :: 395 U.S. 238 (1969)

6. Padilla v. Kentucky :: 559 U.S. 356 (2010)


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Judge Aileen Cannon Sucks – A Definitive Guide

Who is Aileen Cannon? Why is Aileen Cannon? We answer these important questions and many more in this brief review of the incomprehensible jurisprudence of the best federal judge in Fort Pierce, Florida.

1. Aileen Cannon’s Senate Judiciary Committee nomination questionnaire

2. Map of federal Southern District of Florida 

3. Democratic questioning at Aileen Cannon’s group confirmation hearing

4. Judge Cannon’s Order on Plaintiff’s Motion for Judicial Oversight and Additional Relief (9/5/22)

5. 11th Circuit’s reversal of Cannon’s 9/5/22 order re: 100 classified documents (9/21/22)

6. 11th Circuit’s reversal of Cannon’s equitable jurisdiction ruling (12/1/22)

7. Jack Smith’s Motion for Reconsideration & Stay (2/8/24)

8. Government’s Opposition to Motion for Additional Time to File Certain Motions (2/8/24)

9. Judge Cannon’s order denying Trump’s motion to dismiss on vagueness grounds (without prejudice)(3/14/24)

10. Relevant portion of the Espionage Act

11. Judge Cannon’s weird order demanding that the parties engage in a fantasy thought experiment about law that doesn’t exist (3/18/24)

T3BE Week 6 – ROCKED by Scandal #T3BEgate2

Massive controversy shakes T3BE to its core. Thomas and Matt respond to the international outcry and media firestorm generated by allegations that T3BE is using repeat questions.

After that, we get two TOTALLY DEFINITELY NEW practice bar exam questions. Topics are appealing to SCOTUS re State constution vs. US constitution, and also the gender wage gap when it comes to bank robbery.

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Deported by an Immigration Court in a Strip Mall

Episode 1015 Part 2 of Azul’s story

Folks… I implore you. I beg of you, please listen to this one all the way through. Azul tells us the rest of her story, and talks about where she is now, and it is one of if not the most inspiring, heartwarming things I have ever had the privilege of publishing. Seriously. And please share it. Another massive thanks to Azul, and to Matt, who we are so incredibly lucky to have on the show.

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Judge Dismisses Some Trump Charges. Should We Be Worried?

Episode 1014

We begin by pouring a Tequila Sunrise out for the charges against three memorabilia collectors charged with stealing old Eagles lyrics, in which the unexpected airing of 6,000 pages of Don Henley’s dirty laundry had Manhattan prosecutors realizing last week that they truly could check out anytime they liked. Matt then takes us through Fulton County Judge Scott MacAfee’s decision to dismiss 6 of the 41 pending counts against Trump and his goons. Can Trump still be prosecuted for his “perfect phone call” to GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger? And what does a guy have to do to solicit someone to violate an oath around here, anyway? We then turn some much-needed light on to Texas’s most recent attempt to enforce federal immigration law before finishing up with some good immigration news out of–also Texas?

2. Georgia Code Sec. 15-4-7 (Criminal Solicitation)
3. Georgia Code Sec. 16-10-1 (Violation of Oath by Public Officer)
5. Judge David Ezra’s decision in U.S. v. TX (2/29/24)(granting injunction against SB4) 6. Arizona v. U.S. (2012)(striking down most of AZ SB1070)
7. Judge Drew Tipton’s decision in Texas v. DHS (finding no standing for TX to challenge Biden’s CHNV parole program)
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