Judge Dismisses Some Trump Charges. Should We Be Worried?

Episode 1014

We begin by pouring a Tequila Sunrise out for the charges against three memorabilia collectors charged with stealing old Eagles lyrics, in which the unexpected airing of 6,000 pages of Don Henley’s dirty laundry had Manhattan prosecutors realizing last week that they truly could check out anytime they liked. Matt then takes us through Fulton County Judge Scott MacAfee’s decision to dismiss 6 of the 41 pending counts against Trump and his goons. Can Trump still be prosecuted for his “perfect phone call” to GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger? And what does a guy have to do to solicit someone to violate an oath around here, anyway? We then turn some much-needed light on to Texas’s most recent attempt to enforce federal immigration law before finishing up with some good immigration news out of–also Texas?

2. Georgia Code Sec. 15-4-7 (Criminal Solicitation)
3. Georgia Code Sec. 16-10-1 (Violation of Oath by Public Officer)
5. Judge David Ezra’s decision in U.S. v. TX (2/29/24)(granting injunction against SB4) 6. Arizona v. U.S. (2012)(striking down most of AZ SB1070)
7. Judge Drew Tipton’s decision in Texas v. DHS (finding no standing for TX to challenge Biden’s CHNV parole program)
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