Boeing Killed 346 People. So Why Did They Get a Sweetheart Deal?

Most criminal defendants can’t kill 346 people and expect to get off with a light fine and three years of probation, but most criminal defendants are not The Boeing Company. In today’s show, we examine the differences between different kinds of pretrial diversion agreements and why the best ones are reserved for ultra-wealthy defendants like Boeing and Jeffrey Epstein.

We then take a closer look at the DOJ’s routine use of deferred prosecution agreements to help our nation’s most valued citizens (corporations) avoid the unpleasant inconvenience of facing actual consequences of their actions (killing people), with a special focus on the NPA which recently resolved Boeing’s recent deadly fraud involving its 737 MAX.

1. Boeing Deferred Prosecution Agreement (1/7/2021)
2. “Nosedive: Boeing and the Corruption of the Deferred Prosecution Agreement,” Prof. John C. Coffee (6/6/2022)
3. “Why Boeing pilot Forkner was acquitted in the 737 MAX prosecution,”| The Seattle Times (3/25/22)
4. “Blowing the Door Off Boeing’s ‘Epstein Deal’” – The American Prospect (2/9/24)
5. Fifth Circuit order dated 12/15/23 from In re Ryan et al confirming that courts have no authority to review a DPA and that families will have to wait to oppose any future motion to dismiss

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