Judge Aileen Cannon Sucks – A Definitive Guide

Who is Aileen Cannon? Why is Aileen Cannon? We answer these important questions and many more in this brief review of the incomprehensible jurisprudence of the best federal judge in Fort Pierce, Florida.

1. Aileen Cannon’s Senate Judiciary Committee nomination questionnaire

2. Map of federal Southern District of Florida 

3. Democratic questioning at Aileen Cannon’s group confirmation hearing

4. Judge Cannon’s Order on Plaintiff’s Motion for Judicial Oversight and Additional Relief (9/5/22)

5. 11th Circuit’s reversal of Cannon’s 9/5/22 order re: 100 classified documents (9/21/22)

6. 11th Circuit’s reversal of Cannon’s equitable jurisdiction ruling (12/1/22)

7. Jack Smith’s Motion for Reconsideration & Stay (2/8/24)

8. Government’s Opposition to Motion for Additional Time to File Certain Motions (2/8/24)

9. Judge Cannon’s order denying Trump’s motion to dismiss on vagueness grounds (without prejudice)(3/14/24)

10. Relevant portion of the Espionage Act

11. Judge Cannon’s weird order demanding that the parties engage in a fantasy thought experiment about law that doesn’t exist (3/18/24)

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