Transcript of Opening Arguments Bonus! Whistleblower Breakdown

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Covering Whistleblower-Gate

[Show Intro]

Thomas:         Hello and welcome to – don’t adjust that dial!  Don’t adjust that dial anybody!

Andrew:         [Laughs]

Thomas:         The podcast-

Andrew:         The podcast dial, yeah!

Thomas:         Yes, don’t adjust it because it’s Thomas, it’s Andrew, it’s Opening Arguments!  It’s episode – I don’t know – 316 and a half, maybe?

Andrew:         316 and a half, baby!  We’ve got to cover “Whistleblower-gate” [Laughs]

Thomas:         Oooh.  Yeah, Yodel Mountain, Whistleblower Edition.  It’s a duet, actually, between a yodeler and a whistler … Whistleblower.

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