OA385: Reality Check! (w/Allison Gill)

Today’s episode features an in-depth interview with Allison Gill of American Atheists regarding the just-released survey Reality Check, which interviews more than 34,000 nonreligious individuals, gathering data as a precursor to support specific arguments with lawmakers in terms of lobbying for recognizing atheist constituents. You won’t want to miss it!

We begin, however, with a bit more in-depth analysis about the nonjusticiability doctrine and how it might affect the Supreme Court’s decision in the Mazars and Deutsche Bank subpoena cases — which are being heard today by the Supreme Court!

Then, it’s time for our in-depth interview with Allison where we talk about discrimination against atheists, including a deep dive into the actual research that shows how atheists are treated in society — even among educated peers.

After all that, it’s time for the answer to #T3BE 177 involving a noxious factory next to a residence and mini-golf. Can Thomas keep up his winning streak? There’s only one way to find out!

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Transcript of OA348: The State of the Secular States, with Alison Gill

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[Show Intro]

Thomas:         Hello and welcome to Opening Arguments, this is episode 348.  I’m Thomas and you know what?  I know what day it is now!

Andrew:         [Laughs]  

Thomas:         I finally figured it out, I had to regroup.  How’s it going, Andrew?

Andrew:         It’s going fantastic, Thomas, how are you?

Thomas:         Ah, back on a regular schedule.  I’m so excited.

Andrew:         Oh yeah!

Thomas:         I’m also excited to have Alison Gill, Vice President of Legal and Policy over at American Atheists coming on today, she’s going to discuss the State of the States Report that they have put out all about religious freedom and religious freedom laws, which is to say oftentimes those are kind of named misleadingly.

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