Transcript of OA330: The Impeachment Inquiry Explainer (& Pre-Embryos in Connecticut

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[Show Intro]

Thomas:         Hello and welcome to Opening Arguments, this is episode 330.

Andrew:         Woo!

Thomas:         Cool round and even number, multiple of ten.  How’s it going Andrew?

Andrew:         It is going fantastic Thomas, how are you?

Thomas:         Doin’ well, not as well as the man who is on the vacation that seemingly never ends, but-

Andrew:         [Laughs]  It ends!  Last day, last day man.

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OA330: The Impeachment Inquiry Explainer (& Pre-Embryos in Connecticut)

Today’s episode is everything you need to walk your open-minded Uncle Clarence — you know, the one who watches Fox News, but not religiously, and isn’t quite sure what all this impeachment nonsense is about — through the key buzzwords of the week. And, as a bonus, we discuss an important decision regarding in vitro fertilization in Connecticut.

We begin, however, with the Explainer. How is this process different from (and more fair than) the Clinton impeachment? What is an impeachment “inquiry?” And why — oh god, why?!? — is everyone so focused on quid pro quo? You’ll find out the answers to all these questions and much, much more.

After that, it’s time to examine Bilbao v. Goodwin, which delves into the tricky question of what happens to a couple’s frozen pre-embryos after they break up? This case has been making the rounds in both pro-life and pro-choice circles — we’ll tell you exactly what it stands for and what comes next.

Then, of course, it’s time for an all-new #T3BE, in which Thomas tackles a breach-of-contract question. Can he keep his winning streak going?

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Show Notes & Links

  1. For the full breakdown of the House Impeachment Inquiry resolution, H.R. 660, check out our discussion in Episode 328.
  2. And you can click here to read Bilbao v. Godwin.

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