OA824: MAGA Mean Girl Jenna Ellis Shoves Rudy Under the Fulton County Bus

Liz and Andrew urge caution on some breaking news stories, including the ABC report that Mark Meadows has “flipped.” Then, the duo tackle the Jenna Ellis plea in Fulton County, GA and a barrage of bizarre filings by Donald Trump in his federal case in DC.

In the Patreon Bonus, Liz and Andrew analyze Jenna Ellis’s legal advice as to how to steal the 2020 Election.

Trump Fulton County docket


Jenna Ellis plea

Jenna Ellis original Fulton County indictment


Jenna Ellis superseding Accusation

Jenna Ellis sparklemagic law memos!


OCGA 16-10-1


OCGA § 16-10-20


Raffensperger letter

Trump DC Indictment

113 – MTD on Constitutional Grounds

114 – MTD on Statutory Grounds

115 – Motion to Strike

116 – MTD for Selective and Vindictive Prosecution

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