Transcript of OA331: Who Sues “Oh No Ross and Carrie” with Carrie Poppy & Matthew Strugar

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[Show Intro]

Thomas:         Hello and welcome to Opening Arguments, this is episode 331, I’m Thomas Smith that over there is Andrew Torrez.  How ya doin’ Andrew?

Andrew:         I am doing fantastic.  I am really, really excited about this episode.  I feel like we saved the best for last coming out of our live show.

Thomas:         Absolutely, me too!  This is another one of those if you take the red pill versus the blue pill but not in an MRA way just in a fun healthy way.  [Laughs]  If you take the patron pill you’re gonna be getting a little bonus from Andrew Torrez because you deserve it and because you already heard all the live show.  But if you take the normie pill, which, hey, that’s fine.  We love all our listeners, but you guys are getting – I think you’re right, Andrew, probably my favorite part from the Opening Arguments live show in L.A. and that was with Carrie Poppy and Matthew Strugar. 

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OA331: Who Sues “Oh No Ross and Carrie” with Carrie Poppy & Matthew Strugar

Today’s episode is the final — and dare we say it, the best — part of our live show in Los Angeles where we were joined by the co-host of the popular podcast “Oh No Ross And Carrie” Carrie Poppy, and the show’s lawyer, Matthew Strugar. Join us for a fascinating discussion as to who’s threatened to sue the show and why….

And stick around for a special LIVE #T3BE!

After that, we also answer last week’s #T3BE about breach of contract. Can Thomas continue his improbable one-question win streak? Listen and find out!

Show Notes & Links

  1. You should definitely be listening to Oh No Ross and Carrie!
  2. We last had Carrie and Matthew on our show in Episode 77.

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