OA298: Hope Hicks & Weaponized Ticks

Today’s episode tackles the recently-released trove of unredacted documents in the Southern District of New York in Michael Cohen’s case and explains why Hope Hicks might have been ensnared by America’s greatest legal mind, Stormy Daniels. Oh, and have you heard that the Congress ordered the DOJ to investigate… whether the military weaponized ticks and if so, whether those ticks were released against Americans? It’s a weird story that can’t possibly be true… can it?

We begin, however, with the resolution to last episode’s #T3BE (formerly #TTTBE) controversy regarding the definition and conditions required for assault. Learn the results of whether “hissing” constitutes a physical threat… and whether that even matters!

Then, it’s time for long trip up Yodel Mountain. We begin by discussing the… conclusion? of the citizenship question and Andrew lets you know what’s still to come in those cases. After that, it’s time to discuss the House’s resolution of criminal contempt against Bill Barr and Wilbur Ross, and what that likely means going forward. And while we’re still on Yodel Mountain… hey, how about those Michael Cohen docs? Now that the other cases have been concluded, the judge ordered the Cohen search warrants to be released in (mostly) unredacted form, and you won’t believe what they show.

After all that, it’s time for the segment you’ve all been waiting for: WEAPONIZED TICKS. This is a segment so powerful, you won’t believe it (and we won’t spoil it here in the show notes)!

And then it’s time for a new #T3BE involving the rules of evidence and an oral contract. Think you have what it takes to hang with Thomas? Play along online by sharing out this episode, using our new hashtag, #T3BE, and we will reward one winner with Never Ending Fame & Fortune (TM).


Andrew was a guest on the latest episode of the Left at the Valley podcast discussing abortion, as well as the most recent episode of Mueller, She Wrote talking.. well, pretty much everything!

Show Notes & Links

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  2. If you want to read the Cohen docs yourself, they’re linked here.

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