A Tale of Two Dons in Criminal Court

Episode 1010

It was the worst of Dons, it was the worst of Dons. Eagles singer Don Henley was not taking it easy in a New York City courtroom this week in his testimony against three memorabilia-collecting desperadoes who had to bring their alibis to face charges of conspiring to sell stolen (?) legal pads filled with Henley’s drafts of “Hotel California”-era lyrics. Will the court find that these defendants are hiding their lyin’ eyes, or is the Manhattan DA’s case against them already gone? New kid in town Matt takes his legal analysis to the limit one more time.

We move on to some Trump updates, including the Supreme Court’s decision to take his extremely unserious claims of  Presidential immunity for all crimes seriously and complications to the defense’s effort to disqualify Fani Willis from the Fulton County prosecution. Oh also, Trump doesn’t want to pay any money and is complaining to the court on account of “I don’t like this.”

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