Embryos Are People, My Friend

Episode 1008

Today we are serving up a tasteful pairing of radically destructive activism from one supreme court with a refreshing adherence to basic Constitutional law from another. We start in Alabama, where the state’s highest court just found with no any apparent legal, factual, or moral justification whatsoever that a few hundred frozen cells are legally equivalent to a “child”–because God, probably? Unclear! We then review a recent example of the U.S. Supreme Court doing exactly what it is supposed to do: reviewing and unanimously reversing an obvious Constitutional violation, in this case one which put a man who had been acquitted on mental health grounds at risk of the death penalty.

1. Alabama Supreme Court’s decision in LePage v. Center for Reproductive Medicine, P.C.

2. Ketanji Brown Jackson’s decision for a unanimous court in McElrath v. Georgia, 601 U.S. ____ (2024) [PDF]


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