How To Shut Up Liars & Conspiracy Theorists

Yes, people are still arguing that ICIG Michael Atkinson — a Republican appointed by Donald Trump, by the way — “secretly gutted the requirement” that whistleblowers must file a complaint on the basis of first-hand knowledge in August of 2019, just before this whistleblower complaint was filed.

That’s a lie. Some people repeating it are just idiots, but others are very clearly deliberately lying to you.

Here’s ICWPA Form 401, which was last changed on May 24, 2018. You will observe on page 3 that it asks whistleblowers whether their information is from “personal and/or direct knowledge,” if “Other employees have told me about events or records involved,” or from “Other source(s)” (or a combination of some or all of those). Those last two are, by definition, hearsay,

Here’s a screenshot:

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