Law’d Awful Movies #1: The Firm


This is normally for Patrons only, but we wanted to gift our non-patronizing listeners a gift and a sample of what they might be missing over at!!

Behold the majesty of what you are about to receive.  This is, hands down,  the worst legal movie ever made.  From the opening credits to the cheesy ending voice-over, literally everything this movie has to say about the law is completely and utterly wrong.

Yes, for our first Patreon movie reward, we suffered through all 2 hours and 34 minutes of The Firm (1993), which chronicles the amazing journey of Mitch McDeere (Tom Cruise), an I’m-no-idealist Harvard Law grad who refuses to break some imaginary law he thinks exists regarding attorney-client privilege, but has no problems with extortion, illegal wiretapping, fraud, and kicking a 92-year-old man to death.

Come for the crazy legal subplot that can be solved in two seconds!  Stay for the crazy second legal subplot that gets introduced for the first time right after most movies are rolling the credits!  Stay even longer to watch the epic Tom Cruise-Wilford Brimley fight to the death!


Special guest:  Sam from Comedy Shoeshine.


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