OA22: Libertarianism is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

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In this week’s episode, we tackle the legal and philosophical issues underlying libertarianism.  We take on such issues as :  what is “property,” why is it a right, and is it cognizable as a side-constraint against government action?   At the end of the day, Andrew and Thomas render a definitive opinion on libertarianism as a political philosophy.

In our opening segment, we answer an anonymous listener question:  what exactly is this ‘jurisprudence’ word that Andrew keeps throwing around?

And in our closing segment, “Breakin’ Down the Law” returns as we delve a little deeper into something we discussed in OA19 — what exactly is a pardon, anyway?

Show Notes & Links

  1. You can buy Nozick’s Anarchy, State and Utopia on Amazon…
  2. …but to be honest, his best work is the sadly out-of-print Socratic Puzzles (which contains the retraction referenced on the show).

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