OA274: Arguing Before the Supreme Court (with Monica Miller)

Today’s episode features an in-depth interview with Monica Miller, counsel for the American Humanist Association and (we think!) the second-youngest person ever to argue before the Supreme Court! Just last month, Monica argued the AHA’s position in Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission v. American Humanist Association before the Supreme Court, and we get to learn all sort of amazing behind-the-scenes information about the case.

We spend the full hour with Monica Miller and learn how the AHA came to take this case, the roller-coaster-highs-and-lows of prevailing in the Fourth Circuit only to see it get taken up by a very conservative SCOTUS, and you get Monica’s prediction as to how she thinks the Court might rule… as well as which members of the Court’s conservative bloc were receptive to her arguments. Along the way, you’ll also learn exactly how Monica got ready for her big day!

After that, it’s time for the answer to T(&M)TTBE #123, the dreaded real property question involving the subsequent sale of property, the doctrine of merger, and… well, let’s just say this was a hard one! Did anyone get it right? You’ll just have to listen and find out.

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Show Notes & Links

  1. We first discussed the Bladensburg cross case in Episode 256.

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