OA436: It’s A Runoff!

Biden is all but assured victory, and despite the election not going nearly as well as we’d hoped, there’s still a chance to take the Senate! However, Trump is throwing every terrible legal challenge he’s got at the problem. Andrew breaks down why they’re all incredibly stupid and doomed to fail.

Links: SIO263: Not the Worst Possible Outcome, But Close, Slate – A Large Portion of the Electorate Chose the Sociopath, Georgia Code § 21-2-501, Trump lawsuit Michigan, Trump’s lawsuit Pennsylvania, Trump Lawsuit Georgia, OA25: Could Jill Stein Decide the Presidency? (No.), Wisconsin Statutes § 9.01 (2019) — Recount, Georgia Code § 21-2-495 (2019) – Procedure for recount or recanvass of votes, 2019 Georgia Code: Contested Elections and Primaries.

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