OA441: Trump Still Lost

He still lost, folks! It’s over. In our main segment today, we discuss the Electoral College calendar and when things are finally set in stone. But what about faithless electors??? We’ve got an Andrew for that too. This episode should help you feel fine about the fact that Trump still lost.

In the first segment we talk about a few things Andrew nailed his predictions on, including Chad Wolf and Kathryn Kimball Mizelle.

Links: Chad Wolf not lawfully appointed, Chris Krebs, List of federal judges appointed by Donald Trump, OA420: DoJ Defending Trump in Carroll Case?, Aaron Reichlin-Melnick on Twitter: “She is also the wife of Chad Mizelle“, OA379: Trump’s Contempt for the Press & Husch Blackwell, Trump campaign agrees to drop its defamation lawsuit against a tiny Wisconsin TV station, The Electoral College, Election results certification dates, 2020, Arizona Revised Statutes § 16-648 (2019).

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