OA560: Supreme Court Just Plain Making Sh*t Up In Vaccine Ruling

There is a ton of breaking news today, happening just as we went to record. Andrew had time to briefly look over the Supreme Court ruling on the vaccine mandates and it is TERRIBLE. To quote Andrew’s live reaction off mic, “Oh they’re just lying now.” It’s that bad. But, we also had some good breaking news! In a nice timely Andrew Was Right, Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes was arrested on Jan 6 charges despite not even being there, signaling an escalation in the whole consequences thing. This is good. All that PLUS a wonderful deep dive on an alleged “one weird trick” to solve the filibuster. You know by now it probably won’t work, but it actually does and it’s very interesting! It just doesn’t solve the problem people hope it would.

Links: Democracy Docket on Twitter, Chuck Schumer’s filibuster dodge MSNBC, Congressional Research Service, Secretary of the Senate, Senate Rule IX, McConnell threatens Senate shutdown if Democrats nuke filibuster, Fake Electors

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