OA614: The FEC Is Corrupt and Broken. Biden Has Inexplicably Neglected to Fix It.

If you or anyone you know is President Biden, please dear god listen to this episode and then get the word out. The FEC has been broken and corrupted by Trump appointees. Biden could have easily done something about it from day 1 of his administration and he just… hasn’t. Listen to the full story and see example #9,576 of why Trump and Republicans can never be trusted in office.
In the first segment, we get a big update on the Musk Twitter deal. Andrew nailed another one!

Links: 52 US Code § 30106 – FEC, 52 US Code § 30107 – Powers of Commission, 52 US Code § 30108 – Advisory opinions, 52 US Code § 30104 – Reporting requirements, Hillary campaign FEC, FEC ruling, conciliation

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