OA63: Saving Money For College Is For Suckers! (with Phil Ferguson)

In this episode of Opening Arguments, Andrew and Thomas invite on Phil Ferguson, host of the cleverly-titled Phil Ferguson Show, to discuss why only suckers save money for college.

First, Andrew discusses the scuttlebutt surrounding whether Ivy Tech will appeal the decision in Hively v. Ivy Tech that the guys discussed in Episode 60.

After that, we look at the best(?) potential educational bill that might come before Donald Trump’s desk:  H.R. 529, which would make modest expansions to so-called “529” college savings plans.  This, of course, is to set up our “C” segment, in which the guys interview Phil Ferguson and find out what he really thinks of 529 plans in specific and saving for college in general.  How clickbaity is our episode title?  You’ll have to listen and find out!

Finally, we end with the answer to Thomas Takes the Bar Exam Question #20 about whether a law prohibiting hiring those undergoing drug treatment or with prior drug convictions would violate the equal protection clause.  Remember that TTTBE issues a new question every Friday, followed by the answer on next Tuesday’s show.  Don’t forget to play along by following our Twitter feed (@Openargs) and/or our Facebook Page and quoting the Tweet or Facebook Post that announces this episode along with your guess and reason(s)!

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Andrew was also a guest on Episode 209 of the Phil Ferguson Show; please give it a listen!

Show Notes & Links

  1. So-called “529 plans” are governed by 26 U.S.C. § 529, which you can read here.
  2. You can see the text of H.R. 592 (no relation) by clicking this link as well as read the endorsement from The Hill here.

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