OA806: Person Woman Man Camera… RICO

Liz and Andrew begin with a discussion of Kevin McCarthy’s efforts to impeach Ice Cream Joe before the linkroll roundup of all the major developments over the past few days.

Then, in the main segment, the two discuss the fate of the right-wing nonsense suit in Missouri v. Biden, in which a Trump-appointed judge essentially prevented the Biden administration from reporting nonsense on social media.

Did the Fifth Circuit save the day?? Listen and find out!

In the Patreon bonus, the duo dive deeply into the Fulton County Special Purpose Grand Jury report that Donald Trump tried so hard to disappear. What… good news for Trump might it hold??

OA 713

OA 739

OA 771

In re Lindell Mgmt LLC Litigation Docket https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/67410449/in-re-lindell-management-llc-litigation/?order_by=desc 

Trump DC Docket

Trump Motion to recuse Chutkan

Chesebro MTD Fulton County

Missouri v Biden docket

Missouri v Biden 5th Circuit opinion

Liz ATL on Trump’s Motion to Recuse Chutkan

2019 OLC Memo on Impeachment https://www.justice.gov/d9/opinions/attachments/2020/01/20/2020-01-19-impeach-invest.pdf 

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