OA86: If Donald Trump, Jr. Commits Treason, Is It A Mini-Yodel?

In today’s episode, we discuss the recent controversy over Donald Trump, Jr.’s contact with Russian officials during the 2016 election.

We begin, however, with a follow-up from Dave (and others) who asked us about doxxing.

In our main segment, the guys break the law of conspiracy to discuss whether Donald Trump Jr.’s conduct is potentially criminal.  (Spoiler:  Yes.)

Next, fan favorite segment “Are You A Cop?” returns with a question about taxation without representation.

Finally, we end with an all-new Thomas Takes the Bar Exam Question #32 about Section 1983 claims and acting under “color of law.”  Remember that you can play along with #TTTBE by retweeting our episode Tweet along with your guess.  We’ll release the answer on next Tuesday’s episode along with our favorite entry!

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None!  But you can come join the guys at the Inciting Incident 100th Episode Live Spectacular in Carlisle, PA on July 14, 2017!  Get your tickets now!

Show Notes & Links

  1. You can read Sarah Jeong’s excellent article, “Stop Diluting the Defintion of Dox,” here.
  2. This is 18 U.S. Code § 371, the federal conspiracy statute.
  3. And here is a link to the Cockrum, Comer & Schoenberg complaint.

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