OA250: One Quarter of a Thousand Episodes!

Today’s very special episode is our 250th!  To celebrate, we’ve assembled a compilation of some of our favorite moments over the past two and  half years.  If you’ve ever wanted to share the show to friends and family, this is the episode to do it.   In this episode, we explain:

  1. What the show’s all about
  2. How liberal we are (or aren’t)
  3. Whether we talk about non-political stuff
  4. How Trump changed the show, what “Yodel Mountain” is, what #ClearAsKushner is
  5. How seriously we take ourselves

And much more!

Then, as always, it’s time for the answer to Thomas Takes The Bar Exam #112, which involved an angry drunken… murder (?)  As always, remember to follow our Twitter feed (@Openargs) and like our Facebook Page so that you too can play along with #TTTBE!


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Show Notes & Links
1. What’s the show about? It’s long-form investigative journalism into topics in the news that have a legal component to them from a left-leaning perspective. Shorter: If you like Rachel Maddow, you’ll like this show.

2. Things I’m most proud of:
Stormy Daniels OA: 154
Hillary Clinton’s Damned Emails OA: 13 (36:35-38:16)
Deep dives on abortion, on the Second Amendment,
Abortion – OA: 27 and OA: 28
The Second Amendment  – OA: 21 and OA: 26
The 2000 Election and Bush v. Gore Eps. 2-5 OA: 02 –

3. How lefty are you guys?
I mean, we definitely call out our own, like Jill Stein’s recounts.
OA: 25 (24:38-29:50)
Or Robert Reich OA: 59 (43:40-45:00)
Or Occupy Democrats…

4 . So is it all politics?
A.) Practical stuff like defining terms like spousal privilege
OA: 99 (2:30-8:50) or … not advice on how to choose a lawyer OA: 12 (9:19-10:40) …every Tuesday we do deep dives into legal topics, often apolitical.
PG&E in Episode OA: 241
B.) and the wacky and bizarre
OA: 12: Sovereign Citizens (19:52-24:12)
OA: 132: Earth Court (38:09-55:00)

5. So what changed?
We elected a criminally insane game show host who’s looting the public treasury?
Yodel Mountain OA: 45: (38:20-41:03)
Clear as Kushner OA: 53 (57:00-57:33)

6. How seriously do you take yourself?
Pretty clownhornin’ seriously!
OA: 166 (32:10-40:47)and (1:30:55 to end – intro)

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