Thomas Takes the Bar Exam Returns! T3BE Week 1

At laaaaaaaast it is the return of #T3BE! And we’ve got, not 1, not 2, but 3 questions! First, a question + answer to get warmed up, since we don’t have any answers from previous weeks. THEN, the question everyone can play along with. AND THEN, it’s the question only Patrons are elligible to win. But also, for patreons only, I’ve included the first question Matt and I ever did. We did some T3BE to practice, and this first one is maybe my favorite.

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For the time being, any profit over and above the costs of operating the show, will go towards repair and accountability.

I used Dall-e for fun to create a T3BE graphic and it gave me “Thas BAR EXAM!” 10/10

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