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Andrew:         Just a quick note, the Opening Arguments Amicus Brief in the Michael Flynn case is just about finished, so if you’re listening to this episode on Tuesday, June 9th, 2020, that’s the day before our brief is due.  In fact, our brief is due at noon tomorrow, Wednesday.  That means we’ve got to finish it up tonight!  If you’re a patron you have seen that we have uploaded five successive versions while we were drafting and editing, and patrons have added suggestions, made comments, been pedants, nitpicked spelling, done all sorts of things to contribute to the writing of the brief. 

If you wanna get in on that this is really your last chance, so head on over, and you will see the most recent post containing the brief.  I think this has been really, really exciting and we are excited to try and do some good in the world and certainly to share those efforts behind the scenes with you as we’re drafting this thing.  If you’ve already helped out, thank you so much and if you wanna be a part of the process we’re at t-minus 24 hours and counting, less by the time you’re listening to this episode.

Thomas:         Hello and welcome to Opening Arguments this is episode 393.  I’m Thomas, that’s Andrew.  How’re you doing, Andrew?

Andrew:         I am doing fantastic and I am honestly doing fantastic for this episode.  I’m very, very excited.

Thomas:         Me too!  We have an interview with Gabe Roth from Fix the Court about Andrew’s personal best friend, Justin Walker.  [Laughs]

Andrew:         [Laughs] Yeah.  Fix the Court – we’re gonna talk to Gabe about it, but it’s a great organization.  Bipartisan work, showed up on our radar because they found out interesting stuff about our soon to be 40 and on the Supreme Court Justin Walker.

Thomas:         Yeah, I need to amend my Cory rule to also include Justins. 

Andrew:         [Laughs]

Thomas:         So, no Corys on the court, no Justins on the court.

Andrew:         No Corys and no Justins.  We actually had – I know I’m taking up valuable time that could be used for the interview.  We had multiple listeners send us mathematical histograms that prove in fact that there are no 70-year old Corys. 

Thomas:         Yeah, alright!

Andrew:         I’m pretty sure there are no 70-year old Justins either. 

Thomas:         Who knows?  And look, this isn’t a permanent thing, you know?  This is like a 10-year hiatus.

Andrew:         Just a moratorium.

Thomas:         Until we figure out what’s going on.  They’re not sending us their best, is all I’m saying.

Andrew:         That’s right.

Thomas:         The best Corys and Justins.  [Laughs] There you have it.  Anyway, let’s jump on with Gabe Roth of Fix the Court.

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