OA138: Pot, Gerrymandering, and Net Neutrality

Today’s episode tackles a number of breaking legal issues.

First, the guys break down the recent memorandum by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on marijuana.  What does this mean for the average recreational user in a state where pot is legal, like California?  Listen and find out!

Next, Andrew walks us through the recent decision by a three-judge panel in North Carolina invalidating that state’s electoral districts.

After that, the guys tackle a question from listener Jeremy Feldman about Net Neutrality and the Congressional Review Act.

Finally, we end with an all-new Thomas (and Cara Santa Maria!) Take the Bar Exam Question #58 about the hottest new gadget, the Mitsubishi Walk-and-Talkman!  Remember that you can play along with #TTTBE by retweeting our episode on Twitter or sharing it on Facebook along with your guess.  We’ll release the answer on next Tuesday’s episode along with our favorite entry!

Recent Appearances

Andrew was a guest on This Week In News With Kevin and Benedict, talking felon voting rights; give it a listen!

Show Notes & Links

  1. The Controlled Substances Act is 21 U.S.C. § 801 et seq.
  2. You can read the Cole Memo here, and then the Sessions Memo rescinding it.
  3. This is the US Attorney’s Manual discussed on the show.
  4. We first discussed gerrymandering back in OA 54, and then again in OA 72 and OA 80.

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