OA15: #SaveTheInternet

In this week’s episode, we tackle a breaking legal issue:  is Andrew’s old law school buddy Ted Cruz correct that the U.S. government just “gave away the Internet?”  (Hint:  Ted Cruz is never right about anything.)  We walk you through everything you could possibly want to know about #savetheinternet.

(If you’re looking for Part 2 of “You Be The Supreme Court,” don’t worry; it’ll be back next Wednesday.)

In our intro segment, we discuss exactly what it means to get a preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order.  And in our weekly listener question segment, we (sort of) tackle Sean Zipperer’s question about FISA courts and standing.

So if you enjoy crazy hashtag conspiracies on Twitter, or if you just like hearing more dirt on Ted Cruz, either way we’re certain you’ll love this week’s Opening Arguments!

Show Notes & Links

  1. Andrew was on Episode 25 of the Atheists on High podcast for nearly two full hours talking politics.
  2. Andrew also did a lengthy, sometimes personal, interview with Zach Law for the Zachrilege cast, aided by a large glass of wine.
  3. Here’s Ted Cruz, in Ted Cruz’s own words, pleading with you to #savetheinternet.
  4. And here’s the lawsuit discussed in the episode filed by four actual state attorneys general.
  5. The guy who invented the World Wide Web, along with another really smart MIT professor, thinks Ted Cruz has no clue what he’s talking about.

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