OA309: Can Stormy Daniels Bring Down Hope Hicks?

Today’s episode is one you’ve requested for a while now: revisiting perhaps America’s greatest legal mind, Stormy Daniels. This time, we’ll learn how the Stormy saga has gotten Hope Hicks to (almost certainly) have her lawyers lie to Congress… and we’ll figure out what that means for the future.

First, though, we take a look at some impressive research on the Roberts Court that was put together by Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse — hi, Sen. Whitehouse! We know you’re listening! — and the amicus brief it inspired. You know just how bad this Supreme Court is… but only Sen. Whitehouse has quantified it for you. And yes, that makes it much, much worse.

After that, it’s time for the main segment, in which we head back to Yodel Mountain to examine Hope Hicks’s transparently false statements to Congress. How can we prove they’re false? It’s all thanks to Stormy Daniels, of course! Andrew wades through hundreds of pages of affidavit testimony in connection with the Michael Cohen search warrants to prove that Hicks’s claim that she didn’t know anything about the hush money paid to Stormy Daniels definitely does not hold water.

Then, it’s time for the conclusion to the fabulous Banana Law #T3BE! Did Thomas get it right? Listen and find out!


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Show Notes & Links

  1. You should definitely read the comprehensive Supreme Court report prepared by Sen. Whitehouse for the ACS, and also read the amicus brief he (and others) filed in the New York State Rifle & Pistol Ass’n v. New York case.
  2. As everyone knows, we first broke the Stormy Daniels story in Episode 154, “Stormy Daniels is a Legal Genius.” And she still is!
  3. Then, we told you that Hope Hicks is the key to all of this in Episode 259 when we examined the Congressional investigations. We predicted that she will be compelled to testify in Episode 290.
  4. We covered the release of the Cohen documents in Episode 298.
  5. Finally, click here to read Rep. Nadler’s letter to Hope Hicks, and here to read her (non-truthful) reply.

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