OA314: The Supreme Court and Trump’s Asylum Rules

Today’s episode breaks down a 7-2 decision by the Supreme Court to stay the decision of the District Court enjoining the Trump Administration’s new asylum rules from going into effect. What happened and why? Listen and find out! It’s bad news — but to balance that out, we spend a lot of time high atop Yodel Mountain, where we discuss the ongoing march towards impeachment and the latest in the Michael Flynn saga.

We begin, however, with a brief Andrew Was Wrong(TM) segment about two casual (but wrong) comments Andrew made in previous shows. As it turns out, Devin Nunes isn’t the beneficiary of gerrymandering — we knew that, honest! — he’s… wait, why do people vote for Devin Nunes again? We’re not sure.

Then it’s time for the main segment, which breaks down the tragic significance of the court’s recent order on asylum. It’s only a single paragraph long, but… it speaks volumes. Find out what’s going to happen next with expedited removal proceedings and undocumented immigrants. It’s a tough segment, but you need to know.

Next, it’s time for our weekly visit to Yodel Mountain! Find out why the most conservative Democrat in Congress thinks impeachment is “inevitable!” And while we’re there… what’s the deal with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and his crackpot lawyer? We’ll tell you!

After all that, it’s time for #T3BE. Can Thomas snap a career-worst six-question losing streak? If so, he’ll have to do it on a dreaded real property question involving the sale of land. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Show Notes & Links

  1. We last discussed the asylum rule changes in Episode 301.
  2. You can check out the district court’s well-reasoned injunction here, and the Supreme Court’s one-paragraph decision to stay that order here.
  3. And, if you’re not depressed enough, read this NBC News article involving Trump’s decision to deny temporary protected status to Bahamians displaced by hurricane Dorian.
  4. Here’s the Washington Post article about impeachment and Rep. Brindisi, and here’s the evidence that (a) Brindisi’s district is the second-reddest among 2018 Democratic winners and (b) that Brindisi is arguably the most conservative Democrat in Congress.
  5. On Flynn: here’s Schiff’s letter, and here’s Flynn’s plea deal. And if Flynn keeps this up, he’s in danger of losing the government’s initial sentencing recommendation.

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