OA368: Your Guide to the Coronavirus, Part 2

Today’s episode continues our discussion from Episode 366 on the political, criminal, and civil legal issues surrounding coronavirus and COVID-19 in the United States, including whether the CDC has the authority to waive the fees associated with testing for the virus (they do!) and how this is going to affect civil society (badly). You won’t want to miss it — and you’ll be stuck inside your house anyway, so you’ll have all the time in the world to listen!

We begin, however, with some nuance regarding An Andrew Was Right, the line of Presidential succession, the 12th and 22nd Amendments, and whether Barack Obama can be Joe Biden’s Vice-President. Learn that… apparently there’s an argument that he could?

After that, it’s time for the main segment, which covers COVID-19 and the coronavirus, specifically (a) Rep. Katie Porter’s amazing cross-examination of the CDC Director and the legal authority; (b) lawsuits against con artists like Jim Bakker and Alex Jones; (c) Congress’s response; (d) more on private lawsuits and the specific example of SXSW; and (e) a really interesting question about jury duty and the future of jury trials.

After all that, it’s time for a dreaded REAL PROPERTY #T3BE. Can you get it right? Just share out this episode on social media, include the hashtag #T3BE, your guess, and your reasons therefor and we will shower the winner with… well, you know.


Andrew was just a guest speaker at Houston OASIS, and we’ll be working to bring you the audio of his speech from that event. And if you’d like to have either of us as a guest on your show, event, or in front of your group, please drop us an email at openarguments@gmail.com.

Show Notes & Links

  1. In the “A” segment on Presidential succession, we referenced this law review article from Peabody & Gant.
  2. Check out the video of Katie Porter’s blistering cross-examination of the CDC Director as well as the text of 42 CFR § 71.30.
  3. And, of course, you’ll want to listen to our original coverage back in Episode 366.

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