OA460: Did the Courts Really “Refuse to Hear Trump’s Evidence” of Voter Fraud? (No.)

We’re very proud of this show, in which you can sit down your Uncle Frank who’s repeating the kind of nonsense Rand Paul spouted this weekend — that “all the court cases just dismissed Trump’s lawsuits on standing and never evaluated the evidence” — and show that it is an out-and-out lie. It’s not true. And we think even Uncle Frank will have to reluctantly concede that by the end of the episode.


  1. This is the terrible Gateway Pundit article by Joe Hoft whose claims we thoroughly debunk. Please don’t click on it. Please do feel free to click on the polling averages at 538 or Gallup which show that the “wildly popular” President Trump averaged a 41% approval rating.
  2. This is the main spreadsheet Hoft relies on for his “81 cases.”

Cases (from the spreadsheet):

  1. Trump v. Boockvar, 20-00966 (W.D. Pa.): You can check out the CLOSED DOCKET with 574 entries, and then read the 138-page opinion clearly addressing the merits of Trump’s voting arguments.
  2. Trump v. Way, 3:20-cv-10753-MAS-ZNQ (D.N.J.): Check out the CLOSED DOCKET.
  3. In re Canvassing Observation No. 7003 (Penn. Ct. Common Pleas.) — here’s the state court ruling on sneezing;
  4. In re Canvassing Observation, No. 1094 CD 2020 (Penn. Comm. Ct.) — and yes, that’s the same case on appeal — and here’s the only Trump win;
  5. Trump v. Boockvar, 20-02078 (M.D.Pa.): This is the 11/21 opinion addressing the merits of Trump’s efforts to throw out the entire state’s vote.
  6. In re Canvass of Absentee and Mail-in Ballots (Pa. state consolidated cases): Here’s the ruling from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that “no fraud or irregularity has been alleged.”
  7. Trump v. Boockvar, 20-3371 (3d Cir); here’s the docket showing that this appeal was closed on Nov. 27, 2020; and also
  8. Here’s the Order dismissing out other shenanigans. The case is closed!
  9. Trump v. Biden, No. 2020CV007092 (Wis. Super. Ct.) — this was Trump’s challenge to the recount in Milwaukee and Madison; and here’s the proof that the docket was closed.
  10. Trump v. Biden, No. 2020AP2038 (Wis.) — you can read the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s 82-page consolidated appeal addressing the merits of Trump’s voter fraud claims.
  11. Trump v. Toulouse Oliver, No. 20-01289 (N.M.) — you can read Trump’s motion to dismiss his own First Amended Complaint.
  12. Trump v. Boockvar – you can read Trump’s cert petition in the Pennsylvania consolidated cases, and view the Supreme Court’s summary rejection of Trump’s motion to expedite.
  13. Finally, Trump v. Biden — you can also read Trump’s cert petition in the Wisconsin case, and the Supreme Court’s similar summary denial of Trump’s motion to expedite.
  14. And that’s it!


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