Today’s episode focuses on two major victories that many on our side have maybe been afraid of cheering on — first, the agreement between Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell on a power-sharing arrangement that will enable legislation to come out of equally-divided Senate committees, and second, the impeachment vote of 55-45 that the Senate has jurisdiction over Trump’s impeachment. We’ll tell you why these are real victories worth celebrating and break down some Senate Rules while we’re at it!

Then, we have an inspiring interview with Ruben Amaya, a 19-year-old running for the Maryland House of Delegates.


  1. Yes, we’re aware of the Latinos for Trump lawsuit; it’s crazy and hilarious and we’ll be covering it in some way, we promise!
  2. On the Senate rules: (a) go read Rules XXV, XXVI 7(a)(3), or any other rule for yourself; (b) check out the 2001 plan (S.R. 8); and then (c) read this CRS report explaining “filling up the amendment tree.”
  3. On impeachment, you’ll want to read Brian Kalt’s seminal 2001 Law Review article.
  4. Finally, if you’d like to check out Ruben Amaya’s campaign, head on over to his website at rubenamaya.org!


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