OA689: Lawsuit or Interpretive Dance? Why Not Both!

We break down the latest conspiracy counterclaims from One America Network News, while learning the difference between the conservative persecution complex worldview — that Big Tech is censoring conservatism because reasons — and the reality: that big companies are funding and propping up garbage conservative outlets like OANN.

After that, we move on to arguably the Worst People in the World: anti-vaxxers. Specifically, we look at a lawsuit by RFK, Jr. and a whole bunch of weirdos against All the Media for kicking them off YouTube and Twitter. It’s… something, all right. But! At least we learn a little something about the Trusted News Initiative anti-trust and the media along the way.


SOTU Fact-check

Dominion complaint against OAN

OAN California Lawsuit

RFK lawsuit

Liz Backgrounder at Wonkette

J.W. Howard Attorneys: We Have A Big Pirate Ship!

Trusted News Initiative

Associated Press v. United States, 326 U.S. 1 (1945)

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