OA690: Jack Smith Speaks Softly but Carries a Big Subpoena

In today’s episode, Liz and Andrew break down all the developments in the two federal criminal investigations pending about former President Donald Trump that have been delegated to Special Counsel Jack Smith.

First, in the documents case, Liz and Andrew discuss why — all of a sudden — Trump’s team seems to be voluntarily turning over documents, along with a grand jury appearance by Trump’s lawyer, Evan “the Cork” Corcoran. Is this normal? (No.)

Then, Andrew and Liz break down the bombshell news that Mike Pence has been subpoenaed to appear before Smith’s grand jury, presumably to discuss 1/6-related issues. Liz brings her journalistic instincts to bear and Andrew tells us all about that other executive privilege case involving a certain former President who also definitely was not a crook.

CNN Trump handover of docs

18 USC § 793

Washington Post on Judge Howell

Trump Subpoena Issued


NYT Article on Pence Search

Bloomberg article on Evan the Cork testifying

Washington post on Trump’s hiring of Evan the Cork

Order appointing Jack Smith – Appointment Order 5599-2022

Pence subpoenaed

US v. Nixon, 418 U.S. 683 (1974)

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